Want to Feel Full? Skip the Steak and Opt for Peas (or Beans)

Although a lot of so-called manly men will insist that a meal of vegetables and plants just doesn’t fill them up, new science from the University of Copenhagen may be proving them wrong. A recent study summary said, “Meals based on legumes such as beans and peas are more satiating than pork and veal-based meals according to a recent study. Results suggest that sustainable eating may also help with weight loss.” This conclusion came after studying 43 young men who ate an average of 12% fewer calories following a protein-rich meal of beans and peas.

This is great news for those concerned about sustainability, since it’s generally accepted that plant-based meals are considerably more eco-friendly. More study is, of course, needed to determine exactly what it is that’s causing these results. Could it be the increase in fiber? Fiber has been shown to correlate with better gut health and improved weight – something that might be partially explained by the ability to eat less of them and still get full. Given that the study was done in Denmark, it will also be interesting to see if those results hold up in other cultures, nationalities, and climates. Other meats could also be studied to see if the results hold up against poultry or seafood (since the original study dealt with veal and pork).

You can read more about this study over at Science Daily, or by seeking out the original study at Food and Nutrition Research.

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