Study Shows Sugar is Toxic In Mice, Even at “Safe Doses”

We all know sugar isn’t particularly good for us, but it’s only recently that scientists have begun to learn just how BAD it is for us. In years gone by, it wasn’t that big of an issue. Most people ate fairly simple meals with some vegetables and breads, and meat and dairy were used sparingly because they were quite expensive. In those days, cancer was much less common, and obesity and heart problems were relatively rare compared to the epidemic rates we have now. Sugar was a treat, but it wasn’t added to every dietary staple. Desserts were something you made for yourself on occasion – not something you could buy cheaply and easily nearly everywhere you go.

Fast forward to today. Now, we not only have plentiful cheap sugary treats in the form of Pop-Tarts, Little Debbie snacks, Hostess Cakes, Soda, and so on…but we find sugar (or worse, HFCS) as an additive to nearly everything you can imagine. Spaghetti sauce, Saltines, and soup are all items that frequently contain a significant amount of HFCS and/or sugar.

That’s why this study on mice is so important – because it’s the same “experiment” most humans are doing to themselves. In this case, the study found that female mice were twice as likely to die and less likely to have reproductive success than those on a diet without the excessive added sugar. Male mice were 25 percent less likely to exhibit normal territorial behavior and reproduce. You can read the official press release for the study here.

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