Ocean Fuel

What if you could turn 5 Liters of normal old ocean water into enough energy to power everything in your house and your electric car for an entire day? I bet you are wondering, “How in the world can salt water power so much?”. It’s not actually the water that acts as the fuel, but the hydrogen gas released after splitting the molecule into hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

New green technology developed by researchers at the University of Wollongong has made it possible to split the water molecule more efficiently than ever before using a light-assisted catalyst on a conductive plastic film. The catalyst is a chlorophyll-like compound that splits salt water in the presence of light without any toxic byproducts. One large advantage to the “device” is that it can more easily be used to create a portable hydrogen generator than previous technologies.

Love the idea and want to read more about this technology that could change the world and how we live? Check it out in the Journal of Chemical Science or on the University of Wollongong website.

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