New Technique for Stem Cell Creation

Stem cell research has been a very hot topic in the past decade. Some are all for it while others view it as completely immoral due to the use of human embryos as a source for pluripotent stem cells. Either way you view it, it is hard to overlook or dispute how valuable stem cells could be in the treatment of a number of human diseases in the future.

A new technique developed by researchers at Oregon Health and Science University have discovered a way to produce embryonic stem cells by inserting the nucleus of a fibroblast into an oocyte, an egg cell, with no nucleus. So far, this technique, which has been coined somatic nuclear transfer, has proven successful in reversion of the mature nucleus to a pluripotent state without genetic and/or epigenetic abnormalities. The resulting stem cell lines were analyzed and found to contain no chromosomal abnormalities and were able to successfully differentiate into other cell types. Anyone need a new heart?

Interested in reading more about how the researchers accomplished the successful production of these stem cells? Check out the article on and the full journal article in Cell.

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