New Findings on the Cause of Depression

Given how common it is, it’s likely that you’ve been affected by major depression in one way or another – either by experiencing it yourself or seeing someone you know struggle with it. Coming from a family of artists and thinking types, I’d have to say that I probably know more people who have had issues with depression than people who don’t.

The true cause of depression is still not known with any certainty, but a University of Maryland study suggests that the cause may be a miscommunication between brain cells.  Now, whether that cause is caused by something else (diet, exercise, things we do, etc.) remains to be seen. However, it’s one very clear sign of the physical aspects of the illness. In other words, something is happening at the physiological level and it’s not just the sufferer’s “imagination”. It’s entirely possible that we’ll learn more about things we can do to prevent this miscommunication between cells, but they haven’t gotten that far yet.

You can read more about this groundbreaking study over at EurekAlert. It’s sure to have an effect on the way people work to treat depression in the future.

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