Mercury Affects More Than Humans Who Love Sushi

A lot of us think about mercury poisoning when it comes to sushi consumption. After all, didn’t that guy from Entourage end up missing out on some big job because he had eaten too much sushi? Don’t they always warn you about eating too much tuna?

What we don’t always think about is the effect that mercury pollution has on the rest of the living world. Mercury has a tendency to accumulate in marine animals (especially bigger, older animals) and that affects not only those animals, but the animals who eat those animals. Unfortunately, we’re starting to see the effects of that pollution.

Mednyi foxes are a breed of fox that live on an island in the Bering Sea. They rely on seafood to survive, and they’re starting to die off because of the contaminated fish they’re eating. For more information (and some really cute fox pictures), read the full article over at Nature by clicking here.

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