Don’t be “blind” to bionic technology.

Bionic body parts aren’t just found in science fiction novels and television series anymore. The technology began with prosthetic limbs that can be controlled by one’s brain via implanted chip. The technology has now gone one more step into the future with the development of the bionic eye by researchers at Monash University in Australia.

The technology works by implanting a chip on the surface of the brain responsible for visual interpretation. The chip receives wireless signals from a transmitter in a pair of glasses worn by the user that also contains a video camera, a digital processor and sensors to track eye movement. The camera sends data to the processor which modifies the images and sends them to the transmitter. Once the chip receives the data from the transmitter it uses micro-electrodes to stimulate the visual cortex of the brain. It is hoped that the brain will learn to interpret these stimulations over time and the patient will begin to see outlines of what he or she is looking at. Check out the image below for a visual representation.

Want to learn more about the bionic eye or interested in becoming a test subject? Visit the Monash University website to learn more about this futuristic technology.

Source: Monash University

1 – Digital Camera
2 – Eye Movement Sensor
3 – Processor and Transmitter
4 – Brain Implant

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