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Hello Interstellar Space!

NASA launched it into space on September 5, 1977. It carries with it a gold-plated record on which sounds of Earth, Mozart and Chuck Berry can be heard. It houses a number of various spectrometers, a polarimeter and a magnetometer. Can you guess what it is? Give up or did the “golden record” give it

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Evidence of Oxygen on the “Rusty” Planet

Astronomers have speculated that the 4th planet from the sun once possessed an atmosphere containing oxygen. After all, Mars is red in color due to the oxidation of iron to form iron oxide (rust) likely brought on by oxygen gas. Recently, Nasa’s Spirit Rover collected another piece of strong evidence to back up this theory.

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An Asteroid’s Worst Nightmare

Despite government agencies and amateur astronomers constantly watching the skies on the lookout for that single piece of space rock large enough to wipe us off the Earth, two asteroids larger than a school bus entered our atmosphere over Russia earlier this year causing about 1,500 indirect injuries. Over the years, scientists and researchers have

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Using Einstein’s Theory to Find New Planets

Most of us have heard of Einstein’s theory of relativity but most have no idea what types of applications the theory can be used for. It turns out that the theory can be effectively used alongside high quality instrumentation to find new planets many light years away. Astronomers have recently used the theory to discover

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