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Underwater Crop Circles

Are extraterrestrial beings to blame for the underwater “crop circles” seen in the photo to the right? This may have been one theory to explain what recreational divers off the coast of Japan reported seeing in the years since they were first spotted in 1995. It turns out that these elaborate structures are actually created

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Beavers: Nuisance or Environmental Allies?

A lot of communities don’t appreciate their beavers. Personally, I love beavers, and I think more people should. Beavers are often considered a nuisance because they dam up water flow and create wetlands and minor floods. Although some people have no appreciation for wetlands, they’re an important part of our ecosystem, and they bring a

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Underwater Spider

For those of you that hate spiders and think you are safe from them underwater think again. The Diving Bell Spider, Argyroneta aquatica, can be found in most small bodies of water in Europe and Asia. It is the only spider that spends most of its life underwater. Even mating rituals and catching and eating

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One Step Closer to Reviving the Mammoth

The arctic climate of Siberia has possibly given science a chance to clone the long lost Mammoth. Researchers at North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk have discovered the remains of a very well preserved mammoth on an island off the coast of Siberia. The researchers estimate that the mammoth lived some 10,000 years ago at the

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The Great Honeybee Die-Off

One may not realize it but the world’s food supply is extremely dependent on an insect we see in our yards every year about this time, the honeybee. It has been estimated that more than a third of the food we consume in the U.S. is in some way linked to pollination by honeybees. This

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Mercury Affects More Than Humans Who Love Sushi

A lot of us think about mercury poisoning when it comes to sushi consumption. After all, didn’t that guy from Entourage end up missing out on some big job because he had eaten too much sushi? Don’t they always warn you about eating too much tuna? What we don’t always think about is the effect

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