Beavers: Nuisance or Environmental Allies?

thats-a-beaverA lot of communities don’t appreciate their beavers. Personally, I love beavers, and I think more people should. Beavers are often considered a nuisance because they dam up water flow and create wetlands and minor floods. Although some people have no appreciation for wetlands, they’re an important part of our ecosystem, and they bring a great deal of biodiversity with them.

These days, we have less than 10% of the beaver population we had before European colonists settled in North America. We have far fewer wetlands, and a whole host of ecological problems that could be alleviated to some degree with more beaver tolerance.

That’s why it makes me so happy to hear about the beaver festival in Martinez, California. It’s on August 3, and festival-goers will have the opportunity to go on a beaver tour and learn more about the region’s wildlife. Who knows, maybe they’ll even have “I <3 Beaver” t-shirts. I’d buy one.

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