Are intelligent roads in our future?

Everywhere we look in our present society we see technological advancement making life easier, more enjoyable and even safer for the average person. However, there is one very important aspect to many of our lives that hasn’t seen advancement since the 1800’s – our roads, highways and interstates. It seems our automobiles have seen much improvement over the years but how important are these luxury cars going to be in the future if our roadways remain in the past.

Scientists and engineers are now looking into making our roadways more advanced, less expensive and even safer for those of us that spend hours driving our roads every week. They are accomplishing this with technology including photo-luminescent paint that can glow for hours after the sun sets, piezoelectric materials that can “capture” vibrations and convert them into energy to run roadside lighting and even magnetic roads that can charge our new electric vehicles via induction. It’s unclear which of these new technologies we will see on our roadways tomorrow however, it is becoming very clear that the streets we drive on every day are in need of advancement to match our ever evolving automobiles and lives.

You can read more about these amazing new advancements in the May, 2013 edition of Popular Science Magazine.

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