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Beavers: Nuisance or Environmental Allies?

A lot of communities don’t appreciate their beavers. Personally, I love beavers, and I think more people should. Beavers are often considered a nuisance because they dam up water flow and create wetlands and minor floods. Although some people have no appreciation for wetlands, they’re an important part of our ecosystem, and they bring a

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Underwater Spider

For those of you that hate spiders and think you are safe from them underwater think again. The Diving Bell Spider, Argyroneta aquatica, can be found in most small bodies of water in Europe and Asia. It is the only spider that spends most of its life underwater. Even mating rituals and catching and eating

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Evidence of Oxygen on the “Rusty” Planet

Astronomers have speculated that the 4th planet from the sun once possessed an atmosphere containing oxygen. After all, Mars is red in color due to the oxidation of iron to form iron oxide (rust) likely brought on by oxygen gas. Recently, Nasa’s Spirit Rover collected another piece of strong evidence to back up this theory.

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Minuscule Printed Batteries

3-D printing has become very popular in all fields of research recently. This is partly due to the materials the devices can utilize including various types of plastics and even specialized living cells. Researchers at Harvard University and the University of Illinois have teamed up and managed to add another material to the growing list

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