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Don’t be “blind” to bionic technology.

Bionic body parts aren’t just found in science fiction novels and television series anymore. The technology began with prosthetic limbs that can be controlled by one’s brain via implanted chip. The technology has now gone one more step into the future with the development of the bionic eye by researchers at Monash University in Australia.

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Possible Treatment for Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria….in Breast Milk?

The fear of antibiotic resistant bacteria is increasing around the world. Especially in hospitals located in over-populated cities. Take MRSA for instance, the most likely place to contract this bacteria is a hospital. Coming in contact with the bacteria wouldn’t be so serious if it wasn’t becoming more and more resistant to the antibiotics available

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New Technique for Stem Cell Creation

Stem cell research has been a very hot topic in the past decade. Some are all for it while others view it as completely immoral due to the use of human embryos as a source for pluripotent stem cells. Either way you view it, it is hard to overlook or dispute how valuable stem cells

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Using Einstein’s Theory to Find New Planets

Most of us have heard of Einstein’s theory of relativity but most have no idea what types of applications the theory can be used for. It turns out that the theory can be effectively used alongside high quality instrumentation to find new planets many light years away. Astronomers have recently used the theory to discover

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The Great Honeybee Die-Off

One may not realize it but the world’s food supply is extremely dependent on an insect we see in our yards every year about this time, the honeybee. It has been estimated that more than a third of the food we consume in the U.S. is in some way linked to pollination by honeybees. This

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