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Are intelligent roads in our future?

Everywhere we look in our present society we see technological advancement making life easier, more enjoyable and even safer for the average person. However, there is one very important aspect to many of our lives that hasn’t seen advancement since the 1800’s – our roads, highways and interstates. It seems our automobiles have seen much

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New Findings on the Cause of Depression

Given how common it is, it’s likely that you’ve been affected by major depression in one way or another – either by experiencing it yourself or seeing someone you know struggle with it. Coming from a family of artists and thinking types, I’d have to say that I probably know more people who have had

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Mercury Affects More Than Humans Who Love Sushi

A lot of us think about mercury poisoning when it comes to sushi consumption. After all, didn’t that guy from Entourage end up missing out on some big job because he had eaten too much sushi? Don’t they always warn you about eating too much tuna? What we don’t always think about is the effect

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